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رادار ضد برخورد (سفارشی)
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 رادار جلو خودرو ضد تصادم
 front anti-collision radar
 رادار ضد برخورد خودرو
 رادار خودر
رادار ضد برخورد (سفارشی)
MR76 77GHz
مدل کالا (جهت مشاهده قیمت روی هر مدل کلیک کنید)
MR76 77GHz
قیمت کالا


Transmit frequency: 76…77GHz

Antenna: 2TX/4RX

Cycle time: 60ms

Communication interface: 1xCAN- Highspeed 500kbit/s

Measurement distance: 0.20-160m(short, middle mode, ±45°@-16dB)

Measurement velocity: -200km/h...+300km/h

Distance accuracy: +/-0.3 metersBeam width/TX: 18° in azimuth, 14° inelevation (-6dB)

Protection class: IP67


USBCAN converter For radar and software communication


رادار جلو خودرو

رادار جلو خودرو   رادار جلو خودرو

MR76 77GHz MMW White Paper

Abstract: MR76 is a compact 77GHz front anti-collision radar developed by Hunan Nanoradar Science and Technology Co., Ltd. It can accurately remind drivers of obstacles in front of commercial vehicles by transmitting two-beam fan-shaped microwaves to the front, detecting the reflection of microwaves, judging whether there are obstacles in front, and feedback the relative distance between obstacles and radar.This product adopts double beam design, DBF digital beam synthesis, virtual synthetic aperture, short/long distance dual-mode detection and many other advanced technologies to realize 0.2~170m measurement distance, small size, high sensitivity, stable performance, light weight and easy integration. MR76 performance has been recognized by many partners. The products are applied to the Mid-long distance anti-collison for passenger car, commercial vehicle, special vehicle ,etc.


Radar features:

*Work in 77GHz-ISM-Band for the detection of moving objects

*Compact size (140x70x35mm)

*Accurately measure the direction, range, velocity and angle of moving targets

*Protection class IP67

*Hige detection rate



Measuring performance                                    to natural targets (non-reflector targets)
Modulation FMCW
Detection Range 0.20~170m(short,middle mode,±45°)
Resolutionspot target, none tracking0.68m, ability to separate targets and objects 1.5…2 x resolution
Accuracyspot target, none tracking±0.10m
FOV ±45°@-16dB
Angle Resolutionspot target, none tracking±0.1°(middle mode), ±0.3°@0°, ±1°@±45°(short mode)
Velocity Range -400km/h...+400km/h (-leaving object, +approximation)
Velocity Resolutionspot target, none tracking±1.23km/h
Velocity Accuracyspot target, none tracking0.1km/h
Antenna Channels 2TX/4RX=8 channels
Cycle Time app. 30 ms for each mid and short range mode, total 60ms
Elevation beam-6dB14°
Azimuth beam-6dB18°
MR76 Dual beams (mid-range and short-range) work simultaneously and can not be switched. The detected targets are output in order of distance or RCS. By default, they are output by distance from near to far.
Operation Conditions
Transmit frequencyETSI&FCC76…77GHz
Transmit capacityaverage/peak EIRP29.8dBm
Power +6.0V~32VDC
Consumption 2.5W
Working Temperature -40℃…+85℃
Storage Temperature -40℃…+90℃
Protection class IP67
Interface 1xCAN- High speed 500kbit/s
Weight 200g
Materialfront/backPBT+GF30 for front shell,Dia casting aluminum for back shell.



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*نام و نام خانوادگی
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